FlightStream AOC Router

Want a faster, more cost-effective connection to the internet?

The FlightStream™ AOC is a small, portable device that optimizes satellite communications, as well as providing a billing solution for operators that have a need to charge for individual Wi-Fi access.

Laptops, iPads, tablet computers and smart-phones are designed to work using a ground-based connection to the internet. The way these devices send and receive data is not efficient for use over a satellite network, which results in slow web browsing and the usage of more data than necessary, resulting in higher airtime cost. The FlightStream™ AOC converts the data to a format that is more suitable for satellite communications.

The FlightStream™ AOC incorporates a number of technologies to reduce data usage over the satellite network and provides a better overall experience for the end-user by utilizing advanced acceleration, optimization and compression specifically designed to account for latency and packet shaping considerations specific to satellite communication.

The router uses web caching to save a copy of all visited web content to the FlightStream™ AOC. If a passenger requests content that has already been requested, the FlightStream™ AOC will deliver the content from its web cache instead of requesting the data on the internet thereby reducing network traffic and improving access times.

The FlightStream™ AOC also reduces network traffic and data usage by using a ground server to compress the requested data before forwarding it to the end user. Our loss-less compression algorithms identify statistical redundancy in your data, and then re-formats the data stream on the fly to deliver the same data with a much smaller footprint. The FlightStream™ AOC can also perform lossy compression on the images your web browser displays when surfing the web, which degrades the image quality to provide up to 90% in data usage savings for image downloads. When using the maximum compression settings the FlightStream™ AOC can also block advertisements and remove large background images from the requested web-page.

The Wi-Fi captive portal option on the FlightStream™ AOC, provides a "Pay on Board" billing solution just like a hotel or coffee shop. This option allows the user to pay via credit card which will activate the user's Wi-Fi connection. Our billing system allows the operator to set prices for internet access. The operator can choose to pass along the cost of satellite airtime or to mark up the cost of airtime creating an additional revenue source.

The FlightStream™ AOC is extremely lightweight and compact, weighing in at only 1.1 pounds in a package the size of a small paperback book. The unit can be connected to your existing system wirelessly or via an Ethernet interface. Our wireless connection option only needs a power source of 120VAC or 28VDC and configuration of the existing Wi-Fi router to communicate with the FlightStream™ AOC. The wired Ethernet version requires aircraft power and a connection between the Ethernet cable going from the existing router to the satellite communications system.

Options are available for government, corporate and fleet operators to have a virtual machine appliance running on their own dedicated servers to ensure security and privacy.

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Ethernet and power for the Flightstream™ AOC

Ethernet and power for the Flightstream™ AOC

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