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Make phone calls, connect smart phones, log in to your corporate network, send and receive e-mails, conduct video conferencing, stream video, surf the internet and send and receive fax messages - getting connected to SwiftBroadband with AirSatOne allows your aircraft to become a virtual Office in the Sky.

ASO allows you to custom tailor your SwiftBroadband needs with the most service plans in the industry. Plans are available for pay as you go or take advantage of savings through monthly, quarterly or annual billing. AirSatOne also offers even more savings for fleet operators with discounted price points and allowing airtime to be shared between aircraft in the fleet.

Our SwiftBroadband Satcom service combined with AirSatOne's FlightStream SA means we outperform the competition with advanced features that are deployed on a global network (video) as opposed to our competition that uses a single point location. FlightStream SA does not require any hardware to be installed on the aircraft and does not require software or apps to be installed on passenger devices. Changes can be made anytime, anywhere the aircraft is located. AirSatOne offers our FlightStream SA for free; while this expensive technology may cut into our margins, we feel the benefit to our customers outweighs the cost.

Our FlightStream AOC specialized Wi-Fi router can be added to just about any Satcom system and will provide faster page load times while at the same time your Satcom system will use less data. Depending on data usage, the FlightStream AOC will pay for itself in no time.

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AirSatOne offers Inmarsat service to customers with compatible Satcom equipment. Activate an account today, tell us about your aircraft and equipment and activate your service with AirSatOne.

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