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Satellite internet systems installed on aircraft have the same issues with speed and latency as satellite communications systems installed on the ground or on a vessel. This can result in the user experiencing a slower connection than they may be used to when using a more traditional ground based internet connection. Satellite communications airtime can also be quite expensive, when compare to a ground based connection.

AirSatOne recognizes these issues with satellite internet and provides a number of solutions to make our customer's connection faster, more cost-efficient and provide a better overall experience, by utilizing advanced acceleration, compression and optimization techniques to provide up to an 80% reduction in data traffic when compared to making the same requests over a standard satellite internet connection.

The Flightstream™ Solution

AirSatOne offers several solutions ranging from our Flightstream™ SA, our Flightstream™ AOC (Acceleration, Optimization, Compression) SatCom router, which offers a best-in-class solution for data compression on your aircraft, as well as out Flightstream™ OS which is an embedded software solution for OEMs.

  • Flightstream™ SA is an application that allows the aircraft operator to take control of their SatCom data by providing customizable firewall features, web compression and web filtering. Administrators can simply and quickly configure data traffic profiles for an individual aircraft or an entire fleet without the need to gain access to the actual aircraft. Accessible through AirSatOne's customer portal Flightstream™ SA does not require any software installation and provides aircraft operators with online management capabilities for data services / solutions. Find out more.

  • The Flightstream™ AOC provides an advanced solution for SatCom challenges. The unit is a highly specialized aviation satellite communications router (AvSat Router) designed specifically for handling and conditioning data that is sent through the SatCom system installed on the aircraft. The Flightstream™ AOC also provides a solution for operators that want to bill internet connection to passengers. Find out more.

Some of the challenges associated with satellite internet:




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