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Surf the Internet at broadband speeds

Surf the Internet at broadband speeds on the ground and in the air anywhere in the world. Whether you have a single aircraft or a fleet, you can get connected fast and easy with ASO Internet and Data Solutions.

ASO allows you to custom tailor your airtime needs with the most available packages in the industry. Plans are available for pay as you go or take advantage of savings through monthly, quarterly or annual billing. AirSatOne also offers even more savings for fleet operators with discounted price points and allowing airtime to be shared between aircraft in the fleet.

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Satellite Internet Optimization

Flightstream™ SA: Compression, web filtering, traffic logging and firewall features. This is an optional service that is free and is available to all AirSatOne satellite communications subscribers. Find out more.

Flightstream™ AOC: Highly specialized aviation satellite communications router (AvSat Router) designed specifically for handling and conditioning data that is sent through SatCom system installed on the aircraft. Provides advanced firewall features, as well as web caching, tcp acceleration, web compression, content blocking, captive portal (pre-paid internet solution) and more. Find out more.

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Account Management

Our Dashboard feature provides an overview of communications services whether you operate one aircraft or an entire fleet and allows our customers to monitor consumption and set usage alert features.

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