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SwiftBroadband & Iridium Pricing

AirSatOne is the only aviation provider not afraid to publish their prices on-line. To download the correct Satcom price guide for SwiftBroadband you will need to know the type of system installed on your aircraft - the easiest way to tell what type is installed on your aircraft is by the antenna; we have pictures of antennae's in the drop down menu below. If you are not sure, feel free to contact us.

Our Satcom service combined with AirSatOne's FlightStream SA means we outperform the competition with advanced features that are deployed on a global network (video) as opposed to our competition that uses a single point location. Our Data Usage Monitoring (video) sends automated email notifications at customer chosen triggers and can be programmed to notify personnel (including the flight crew) in case of runaway data usage so that action can be taken, we can even automatically suspend service. AirSatOne offers our FlightStream SA for free; while this expensive technology may cut into our margins, we feel the benefit to our customers outweighs the cost.

AirSatOne also offers fleet pricing at lower price points and allow you to share airtime between aircraft in the fleet. Fleet operators are encouraged to contact our sales department for a custom airtime price quote.

Charter operators may want to take advantage of our PIN system, which tracks individual consumption with online reporting for billing internet usage back to the customer. Our pop-up window with customized end-user pricing means passengers are aware of their usage so there are no surprises. Our PIN service does not require hardware to be installed on the aircraft or apps installed on individual devices. Contact us to learn more.

Setting up your SatCom service with AirSatOne is easy. If you have existing service with a competitor, there is no need to change or add hardware on your aircraft. Unlike our competition, we offer SwiftBroadband activations (including expedited activations) at no charge to our customers - we love new business. Contact us to get your aircraft connected!

Feature Standard Additional Note

Background IP
Internet Access through Satcom with AirSatOne's custom global infrastructure.

Custom Seatback Cards
Internet access instruction's, Wi-Fi login, cost per Mega Byte, guide to turn off automatic downloads & etc. Customized to your aircraft and needs.

Wi-Fi Calling
Use your own smart phone and your existing phone number. Our Flightstream™ SA will allow Wi-Fi calling to pass un-interrupted. Regular data usage charges apply.

Web Filtering
Block audio, video, animated media, flash, remove advertise-ments, block URL's, block file type, limit file size, block cate-gories. Part of Flightstream™ SA

Globally deployed network security for your aircraft. High level features for IT professionals. Predefined settings or custom settings. Accessible through Flightstream™ SA.

Text and picture compression-adjustable, display light webpages. Whitelisting available. Accessible through Flightstream™ SA

Consumption Tracking
Detailed data available for passenger bill back, automated email notifications and pop-up window on devices on the aircraft. Track usage by flight, by the aircraft or the fleet.

Streaming for a dedicated connection for special applications including video and audio. Stream at 8, 16, 32, 64, 128kbps and X-Stream™.

Smart Call
Call the aircraft through a 1-800 number.

Smart Call Plus
Assign a 10 digit phone number, with your chosen area code, to the aircraft for easy calling.

Public Dynamic IP Address
Internet Access through Satcom with AirSatOne's custom global infrastructure.

Private Dynamic IP Address
Our standard default is Private Dynamic IP Address.

Public Static or Private Static IP Address
Used for remote access or corporate access or for mobile to mobile communications for special mission applications.

VPN Tunnel used to securely connect the aircraft to corporate or government networks.

On demand interconnection over single or multiple ISDN channels with guaranteed bandwidth

Cost-effective and easy-to-install interconnection via IP-Sec encryption technology.

Virtual point-to-point terrestrial link with guaranteed band-width for high-quality applications.

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Flight Deck Datalink

Flight Deck Datalink Solutions

AirSatOne's Flight Deck Connect™ provides World-Wide Datalink for AFIS/ACARS, FANS 1/A and VDL Mode 2 through the Iridium, Inmarsat and VHF networks.


Flight Deck Datalink Solutions

Take control of your Satcom internet service by using one of our customized solutions. Speed up your internet and manage your connection with a full set of web filtering, compression, management, and consumption tracking features

ASO Smart Call

Flight Deck Datalink Solutions

Smart Call Plus assigns a 10-digit terrestrial number to the aircraft allowing you to dial a local number. Smart Call allows the user to dial a 1-800 number to initiate a call to the aircraft.